Michael Beauchemin


About the artist

About the Artist


Background & History:

Born 1957 in Waterford, Connecticut.  My father, who was a draftsman, poster artist, and print maker, was a creative influence for me when I was growing up.   I now live and paint in Sarasota, Florida.         

My art is a process of recalculating perception. It is a visual depiction of what naturally occurs when mentally indexing real life events with dream memories.  I call my style of artwork, Rotorealism: external reality rotating through internal reality.

I implement acrylic under-painting with oil overlays of deeply saturated colors to underscore my recollection of life experiences as filtered through childhood impressions and memories – a period I view as inherently hopeful and central to my being.  By incorporating a system of stylistic mapping similar in appearance to photographic multiple exposures, image fusion, soft focus, fragmentation and frame-cropping, I attempt to create a kinetic depiction of life and innocence remembered.  


Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA (Fine Art Studies 1976-1977)

The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale: (A.S. Degree in Commercial Art), Fort Lauderdale, FL (1977-1979)

Edison College, Fort Myers, FL (Print Making 1986-1988)


Rufus Rose College Scholarship

History of Art Events:

Lee County Alliance of the Arts, Fort Myers, FL (1986 solo exhibition)

Tower Gallery, Fort Myers, FL (1986 group exhibition)

Wet Paint Gallery, Miami Beach, FL (1986 solo exhibition)

Galleria Giovanni, Fort Lauderdale, FL (1987 solo exhibition)

Edison College B Gallery (Bob Rauschenberg Gallery), (1987 group exhibition)

Clayton Galleries, Tampa, FL (1987-1989 solo and group exhibitions)

Holland & Knight Permanent Art Collection, Tampa, FL (1988 group exhibition)

Tampa Museum of Fine Art, Tampa, FL (1988 group exhibition)

Hillsborough County Visual Artists Alliance, Tampa, FL (1988 group exhibitions)

Society of the Four Arts Museum, Palm Beach, FL (1988, 1989, 1990 group exhibitions)

The Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland, FL (1989 group exhibition)

The Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA (1989-2003 solo and group exhibitions)

The Lowe Gallery West, Santa Monica, CA (1990-2000 solo & group exhibitions)

The Beauchemin Gallery, Tampa, FL (1995-1997 solo and group exhibitions)

The Tampa Bay Gallery Hop Art Event, Tampa, FL (1996 group exhibition)

An American Renaissance Exhibition (1996 traveling group exhibition)

The Atlanta U.S. Olympic Games Art Exhibition Hall (1996 group exhibition)

Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, Fort Myers, FL (2008 group exhibition)

The Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA (2009 twenty year retrospective solo exhibition) 

Naples Museum of Fine Art, Naples, FL (2011 group exhibition)

Watson & MacRae Gallery, Sanibel, FL (2012 group exhibition)   

The Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA (2012-2013 group exhibitions)

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Decorators’ Show HGTV Event

Atlanta, GA (2013 group exhibition)

Art Avenue Gallery, Sarasota, FL (2018 featured exhibition) 


The Cape Coral Daily Breeze Newspaper (1986, 2004)

The Fort Myers News-Press (1986)

WBBH TV-News, Fort Myers, FL (1986)

WINK TV-News, Fort Myers, FL (1986)

The Naples News (1987)

The Tampa Tribune (1988, 1995, 1996)

Art in America Magazine (1991)

The Fine Art Index Book (Publisher: International Art Reference, 1991)

NBC Television Mini-Series “Lady Boss” (re-creation of my opening art reception)

Los Angeles, CA (1993)

MGM Pictures “Dream Lover” starring James Spader (re-creation of my opening art reception)

Los Angeles, CA (1994)

The St. Petersburg Times, St. Petersburg, FL (1995)

Gallery Guide Magazine Southeastern U.S. & Chicago, IL (1995, 1996)

Peachtree Magazine, Atlanta, GA (1996)

Poets, Artists & Madmen Magazine, Atlanta, GA (1996)

Focus of SWFL Magazine, Focus of New York Magazine, Sarasota, FL, NY (2010, 2013)

HGTV The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Decorators’ Show House & Gardens (featuring interior designer, Bryan Kirkland) Atlanta, GA and U.S. national TV broadcast (2013)

University of South Florida (USF) Art Lecture & Presentation – Symbolism in Contemporary Art,

Sarasota, FL (2015)

Art Collectors of Michael Beauchemin:

Actor, James Spader
Musician, Sir Elton John
Writer, Jackie Collins
Musician, Michael Stipe
Actor, Sylvester Stallone
Atlanta Mayor, Andrew Young